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At SEEN we’re lucky enough to work with some of the greatest brands in the world, which means our beauty bags are bursting with the best of the best. Join us to discover the products Team SEEN can’t live without...


Our Senior Strategist, Tash Hulme, recently spoke at Instagram’s ‘Inside Beauty’ event. Tash looked at the challenges facing brands to produce stand out content and used her in-depth knowledge of the beauty consumer and her skills as an analyst to delve into the solutions to these problems. Here are some of Tash’s key learnings to make your beauty content count.


Be a brand that thinks like a person.

The spontaneity, unpredictability and imperfection of people makes them more interesting to follow. There’s no reason why branded content can’t be as interesting, unexpected and inspiring as an individual. Introducing dynamism into content strategy can be as simple as a post that is longer or shorter than normal, a move away from what someone might think is your brand’s specialism, giving your platform to a different voice, offering a fresh perspective on a topic or idea in the cultural agenda. In short – add a richer, more human dimension to your brand’s identity and expression.


Ask more questions than you answer. 

Instagram posts are ready made consumer opinion polls. Part of the reason that consumers turn to Instagram is that it’s a space to have your say – you can answer questions, share feedback and give comments. Simple and smart techniques can drive high engagement; from an opinion poll to eliciting personal experiences to creating an open forum for people to air their ideas. Growing your community comes via a shared need, the more urgent the need, the more passionate the interaction. For example, the unique challenges of afro-haired women have caused #curlyhair to be the top topic across nearly every social network and forum where there is hair conversation. Women are happy to go out of their way to share advice and personal experience. The smartest content strategies know to tap into these communities to understand the questions that will fire up the debate before they’re put up for discussion.


New news or lasting impressions? Aim for both. 

As brands, more and more we are thinking about how we can use Instagram to announce newness and invite customers to be the first to know, encourage them to and keep them retuning to the platform. But the biggest new evolution of this is that Instagram is no longer being used just for a blink-and-you-missed-it post. Boosted by the new ‘Save’ function, people are using Instagram posts to curate personal inspiration files, information and ideas to refer back to at a later stage. excitement is short term, but content is saved and stored, consider what you want her to think when she looks back at your image in a month’s time, immediate reactions are not always the most beneficial longer term.


Be a good house guest

She’s invited you into her personal space – be grateful to be there, be a good house guest and don’t turn up empty handed. Use language to make people feel your attention is on them, give them tools to learn about themselves. Be less hung up about the granular details and focus on the ideas behind your post. That’s what everyone’s looking for and hopefully what will make your content leap of the screen.


Joely Hunter


From Clapham to Copenhagen, Joely is our global networker, who knows her country markets better than her country home.

Being SEEN’s resident comedic, Joely brings cackles and smiles to every meeting – brainstorms, newspaper Monday reading and weekly updates et al, her ideas are just as bright as her smile.

What product do you find yourself hoarding in your desk drawer?

  • Fenty Beauty’s STUNNA Lip Paint in shade UNCUFFED. I like to wear quite neutral make-up, so this is the perfect shade to smarten up my look before meetings or going out after work!

What product can’t you live without?

  • Tanologist Self Tan Overnight Gradual Treatment Oil – this product has honestly changed my life. I use to put fake tan on my face that would often irritate and clog up my skin – now I just use a few drops of this with my moisturiser at night, and I wake up with a new a face!

What’s been your best new product discovery?

  • I have quite a busy lifestyle (which often involves me getting through the door at 1AM), so I rarely have time to really spend time on my skin. Dermalogica’s pre-cleanse face wash is a really quick and effective way to remove make-up, allowing me to roll into bed feeling squeaky clean and not so guilty!

What’s your best product tip?

  • On a Sunday night, I really try to spend some time pampering myself ready for the week ahead. I am quite harsh with my hair during the week (tongs etc), so I will put Nexxus Emergencee Leave In Cream in my hair and wrap it into a bun. My tip is to then wrap the bun in cling-film and have a quick shower. The steam from the shower helps to really penetrate the product into my hair, and the next morning, my hair feels silky smooth!

Claudia Lees


There’s nothing this SEENer Tanaholic doesn’t know about tanning, whether it’s how to get that perfect glow or how to tan your back, Claudia has the answer.

A key member of the Luxe Team, Claudia’s career is developing as fast as her tan. Since joining she has become the go to for red-carpet events and is always ‘SEEN’ chatting to the industry’s top photographers in the pap pit.

What product do you find yourself hoarding in your desk drawer?

Klorane Dry Shampoo is a life saver if I haven’t had time to wash my hair, or just for a quick refresh on a Friday evening before going out (probably on a date of some sort)

What product can’t you live without?

The Isle of Paradise Tanning Mousse has legit changed my life. It is such a natural colour, never goes patchy and doesn’t leave you with that dodgy biscuit tan that some products leave! I also love the cute pink packaging.

What’s been your best new product discovery?

The new La Prairie foundation is so incredible – it’s literally the perfect colour for summer and a really light texture for a natural look. It’s a cushion foundation – so great for carrying in your bag and touching up when I’m out and about

What’s your best product tip?

Use Tan-Luxe The Face in the morning before putting on your makeup for the ULTIMATE glow – it will make it seem like I’ve had my full 8-hours sleep (when I have probably only had 4)