Jess Wellman


Our resident SEEN DJ, Jess brings Friday vibes every day of the week. Her infectious laugh and witty personality means she’s on everyone’s guest-list. Since joining, Jess has become the go-to SEENer for reality TV updates and nailing those daring party looks…with some hair crimpers and a bold lip, there’s nothing Jess can’t do.…

What product do you find yourself hoarding in your desk drawer?

Simple Water Boost Cleansing Wipes. I try and go makeup free (shocking for a Beauty PR I know!) but when I don’t have any meetings, I like to let my skin breathe as much as possible and I use these wipes to remove my makeup throughout the day in between meetings.

What product can’t you live without?

Topshop Chameleon Glow Highlighters and Eyeshadows, OUT OF THIS WORLD.
They are the best and I always get people asking what I am wearing when I have them on!

What’s been your best new product discovery?

Tan Luxe. Can we just have a minute to appreciate this brand! As a tanaholic I have tried every single tanning brand but this is like no other! I tell all my friends about it and they are now hooked. The Face Drops mixed with the Dermalogica Moisturiser are a match made in heaven and keep me looking healthy even after a Friday Fizz too many!

What’s your best product tip?

My best product tip would be to wear an SPF every single day. It’s my New Year’s Resolution. After turning 26, I feel like am getting wrinkles that I can prevent. I wear Dermalogica Pure light SPF 50 every day.